The Playground

The Grattan Playground is a community magnet, attracting and serving families of Cole Valley, UCSF/ Parnassus Heights, Haight Ashbury, and surrounding neighborhoods. As a popular and beloved venue for play, this open, sunny, sandy and green gathering ground plays a vital and historic role in the community. Its proximity to several preschools, a growing population of families lacking direct access to backyards or other nearby playgrounds makes it a highly utilized park within this area of San Francisco. Grattan Playground is an indispensable resource of structured and unstructured play for all ages.

Now FOGP and SFRPD are working to update and improve the playground. The plan is to make Grattan Playground a greener, safer and shadier place.

What improvements have been made or are being made over the summer break:

  • A big load of fresh sand was added to the upper yard of the playground. On August 15th another load will be added. Please come and help us put it in!
  • The rusty merry go round was removed and will be replaced with something for the kids to climb on.
  • The baby swings in the upper yard were repaired and reinforced from the base. They are so strong now, they should last us a long time.
  • The rest of the play structures throughout the playground are also being repaired so they will be safe again.
  • The bushes in the lower yard on the small hill are being trimmed down and work is beginning on landscaping in that area.

Improvements that are being planned by SFRPD and FOGP, for some of which more funds need to be raised:

  • New fencing and properly closing gates need to be put in. These gates will be locked at night to keep unwanted visitors out, so that the sand and rest of the playground stay clean and safe for children to play in.
  • A planting area will be created on the Alma side of the lower yard that will be separated from the sand play area. Amongst other things there will be trees planted there.
  • Benches will be replaced with new ones throughout the playground.
  • Some of the paving in the playground will be improved/redone.
  • The hill in the lower yard will be planted and landscaped to create a more exciting nature adventure play area.
  • Paint some of the walls to add splashes of color to the playground
  • Maybe add a drinking fountain to the lower yard?

All these improvements are exciting and the total cost for them is not as high as those for a full renovation would have been.
FOGP is hoping Grattan Playground will become an even more special green, safe place in a City full of changes.